State Titles News

April 25, 2013 | POSTED IN Events
Info on the States to hand.

Addendum 1

Pit requests are now being taken. However, you MUST be at least prenominatedbefore we will make
the allocation for you. Please email Robin direct to secure your booking with the following information:

  • Your name & licence no
  • Your club
  • How many bays you are eligible for
  • Team you are with (if applicable)
  • Pit number/s requested (list five in order of preference) - the map will be updated regularly but
    is not 'live' so we will do our best to keep things current.
Pits will be allocated on a first in first choice policy.
Bundaberg Kart Club
Ph: 0408 062 198 (Ben)
Dromeside Raceway
University Drive, Bundaberg
QLD 4670