Membership and Fees

January 12, 2015 | POSTED IN Uncategorized

By now all members should have received an email outlining the 2015 fee structure. Basically single membership will be $75 and family membership will be $130 (so long as children are dependents)

An annual $100 practice fee will now apply to all racing members. For each nomination members will receive a refund of their practice fee of $10 payable in a canteen voucher.

Nomination fees have increased slightly and this will be reflected in the supp regs. An additional fee of $10 will apply on race day to all entries who DO NOT pre-nominate.

A very overdue change of locks will occur at the track on January 31st. Existing keys can be traded no charge for current paid up members. If you have lost your current track key, a new key will cost you $35.

Contact to renew your membership by 31st January.

Bundaberg Kart Club
Ph: 0408 062 198 (Ben)
Dromeside Raceway
University Drive, Bundaberg
QLD 4670