Things Members Should Know

Transponders are now replacing manual lap scoring and are compulsory to have on a race day. Transponders are planks on the kart and send information back to the tower recording lap times, fastest lap, if you DNF or DNS and much more. These can be purchased online from

Races are divided into classes depending on the age, weight and type of motor you choose to run. The Bundaberg club presently run 4 rounds of racing per class at each meeting. All drivers and their karts are required to nominate and be scrutinized prior to racing. No driver is allowed on the track without the proper safety apparel. For all technical and both State and National Karting information, please visit

For assistance with kart set-up for racing, have a look at the excellent self help videos on the web at the following sites' Australian Karting Association (AKA) - How To Go Karting

Race meetings
There are 10 meetings per year, on peer month from February to November usually towards the end of the month on Sundays. Practice is Saturday, then Sunday carby session from 8am, racing from 9am.

Committee Meetings
These are where all the decisions are made that influence the general running of the club. These meetings are conducted at the Old Bundy Tavern, Quay Street, commencing 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month. You and your family are welcome to attend these meetings, remembering you are the club and your input is valuable.

Working Bees
To ensure that the facilities are maintained adequately, or to improve any facilities, the club conducts working bees. These are held on dates as advised on the club's website. Please give your support.

As a current member of the BUndaberg Kart Club, the track and facilities are there for your enjoyment, please use them, and not abuse them. You may use the track fro practice 12pm-5pm, 7 days a week, other than race weekends, special events and working bees. You must ensure that the appropriate safety apparel is worn and you lock the gate at all times. The track is closed ANZAC Day and Christmas Day.

If you'd like to support the club by sponsoring a race meeting, or know someone who would, then please call our President, Ben.  In most cases we are happy to have the cost of trophies covered.  You get your name on the plaque, a shout out or two throughout the day by the commentator, you can put your signage up for the day and best of all you get to hand out the trophies at presentation.  Kids make the best speeches!

At all of our race meetings the club requires assistance, either in the setting up of facilities or the general running of the meeting. As a guide, we require six officials, and a number of canteen helpers. If you or your partner/family member is interested, or can help in any way, please let the President, Secretary or someone in the canteen know.

Come and try days
Once or twice a year the club has a COME AND TRY DAY. When this occurs you will be notified on the clubs website and the track will be closed at these times, and club members are encouraged to help out on these days.

Club Championship Points
The club has a championship point system which determines an overall class winner for each year. The points system is determined by the drivers final results at each race meeting. For more info on the points system, please contact Robin Petersen on 0400 447 329. Perpetual Trophies are .  also awarded to highest points Junior and Senior, Encouragement Junior and Senior and more, plus not forgetting our volunteers, there are awards for them also.

The canteen operates during official race days.  Generally from breakfast through to presentations.  We do operate a bar AFTER the end of the last race.  If you can make a toasted sandwich, then we could use your help in the canteen.
Bundaberg Kart Club
Ph: 0408 062 198 (Ben)
Dromeside Raceway
University Drive, Bundaberg
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