The Track

The track is 760 metres long and 8 metres wide with a track capacity of 36. The track surface is polymer based asphalt with an impervious base of ironstone clay 11 metres wide. The new track was laid in march 2005 after the Bundaberg club was successful with a Queensland Sport and Recreation Minor Facilities Grant Application to redevelop the site. With the contribution of local businesses and individual members, as well as the grant monies, the Club was able to redevelop the site debt free to the tune of some $500,000.

The old track was completely removed except for the 120m straight between turn 1 and turn 2, which had been laid in 1998. The project was completed in just 9 weeks.

Considerable money was invested to ensure all parts of the track drain effectively to this day no water sits in the track.

The track itself was constructed with an 11m wide base to ensure we were able to achieve an exceptionally smooth surface. The polymer based asphalt surface offers consistent grip and excellent tyre wear under all conditions.

The Club also has installed 3 magnetic timing strips under the track surface. The AMB timing system is used at all meetings which allows for the results, lap times and relevant information to be accessed within hours of an event being run. The club has also recently purchased a fully electronic flag marshaling system which consists of 5sets of lights controlled from a central point.
The track layout presents 6 genuine passing opportunities, some of which are very hard to defend against. This creates excellent racing for both spectator and driver, especially in large fields.


Passing points are shown on the picture below. Racing direction is clockwise.

Covered Out Grid (right)

The Club currently has a covered out grid which accommodates two track capacity fields of 36. (Photo shows one side of dual grid.)

Track/Pit Area

Dromeside Raceway meets the circuit standards set out in the Karting Australia Manual. Track length is 760m and width is 8m. Our start/finish straight is 160m in length. The Pit Area consists of 120 covered pit bays complimented by an area adjacent able to accommodate a further 150 3m x 3m pit bays.


We currently have 2 sets of Digital scales on site, one of which is set in ground.

Control Tower

A dedicated line of communication is provided for the race secretary to the grid and control tower as well as control tower to grid to ensure efficient organisation of updates to race gridding and display there of.

If you would like more information about our club please contact us.

Bundaberg Kart Club
Ph: 0408 062 198 (Ben)
Dromeside Raceway
University Drive, Bundaberg
QLD 4670